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A University System that is
and Affordable


The CU Board of regents is accountable to the people of Colorado!

- Must ensure that students at the 4 campuses are receiving the education and support they need.

- Must ensure that the University is producing the future workers and contributors that Colorado needs.

Accessibility for All Students
Education is the best way to level the playing field for Colorado’s diverse population. We must continue to look for creative solutions to help less advantaged persons obtain a university education and to provide supports for them to achieve their degrees. This includes, but goes beyond, the more traditional definitions of underserved populations.
For example, from my life work, I see firsthand that many children aging out of the foster care system are not aware of how to successfully navigate the college admissions process, nor do they have the mentoring to succeed once they are admitted.
Similarly, can our university design its education to meet the changing needs of those students who must work and support family members while attending school?
COVID has given us educational flexibility and has taught us that there are many ways to deliver education.
We must expand our scope of education delivery options to enable more students to participate.
Student Support

Students from all backgrounds are experiencing more mental health challenges than ever before and we must offer to support them as the stresses of college are compounded by their mental health needs. We must be sensitive to the needs of today’s students, most of whom were impacted by COVID in ways that may not yet be evident.

Affordability and
Cost Control for Students

The greatest barrier to a university education, including post-graduate degrees such as medicine or law, is its cost.

Strong management of budgets to minimize tuition increases and careful design of curricula and course availability so that students can graduate in four or less years are essential.
Coordination with other colleges and universities to maximize course transferability is also importan
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